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Match Days are an ideal way to gain experience in Kroyugi/ Sparring.

November 20th 10am-4pm

Each player is matched as closely to their own ability, weight, height and experience with a member of another club. This way a fair match should happen.

Going into a full competition can be quite daunting, so this is a gently way to start off.

Full protective equipment is needed.

The aim of these days is for people to learn and gain experience, whilst in a very controlled environment.

The rules are WT olympic style, but the scoring will be dumbed down to make it easy for players to realise how they are winning and loosing points.

We would suggest that the minimum training time is 6 months or yellow belt, however the instructors of each club will make the ultimate decision on who to send because of ability.

Please fill in the form below if you wish to take part in a match day.

This match day is for 16 years old and younger. (7-16)

First Name


Gender according to Birth Chromosome

Date of Birth



Height in CM

Weight in Kilo

Current Grade

How many match days/competitions have you had?

How you would rate your / their ability?

Medical Information - Please make aware any medical or mental health issues

Emergency contact details - Name and contact number

Your full up to date address including Postcode

Tick to confirm that:
1. Sparring runs the risk of injury.
2. I have given correct information above
3. All decisions are final
4. I will provide my own protective equipment that is WT approved

Are you human, what is 10-7= ?