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Terms and Conditions:

Updated 22-10-2022

1. Money transactions

  1. Joining Quest Taekwondo is for a 12 month term. However we offer monthly payments to make it easier.
  2. All monthly training fee’s are to be paid via Direct Debit.
  3. Direct Debits are handled by GoCardless.
  4. Failed Direct Debits will incur an admin fee of £5.
  5. If you wish to stop your monthly payment (ie leave the club) you must cancel your Direct Debit with your Bank. Please be courtious and if you leave, tell the club.
  6. Inflation is a fact of life, all monthly fee’s are kept as low as possible, however monthly fee’s are reviewed 1st January of each year. You will be automatically moved to the new prices from 1st February each year.

2. Classes and attendance

  1. The club will provide lessons for on average 48 weeks of the year.
  2. Your monthly training fee’s are averaged out over 12 months.
  3. With spaces being limited, if a members attendance drops below 50% over a 3 month period, their place will be forfeited and they will go back on the waiting list for a place.

3. Clothing and equipment

  1. The only clothing permitted is a full white dobok including belt (a white t-shirt maybe worn underneath, Black T-shirt if a black belt) or a Club T-shirt with White Dobok Botoms. Black Collar doboks are reserved for Dan Grades only. No badges or decorations are allowed on Uniforms.
  2. All members must have their protective equipment. This is Head, Body, Mouth, groin, forearm, shin, feet. Hand guards are optional unless competing. All equipment must carry CE marking and approved by World Taekwondo federation.
  3. The club will allow “grippy socks”. They can be Black or White in colour. Black Belts are permitted to wear Martial Arts style shoes.

4. Gradings

  1. Kup Gradings will be conducted 3-4 times a year, only when a member is ready and competent.
  2. Juniors (aged 5-7) grading up to Green Stripe are conducted in normal lesson times and are included in your monthly payments.
  3. Grading Green Belt to Black Stripe are conducted on seperate days (usually on a weekend) and is a £20 fee.
  4. Black Belt Gradings are conducted sepeartely and charges are set by the association.

5. Seminars, competiTions and events

  1. Seminars, competitions and events are not included in your monthly training fees. These are adhoc payments and can be purchased through our shop.
  2. If you want to compete, you must commit to training at least once a month at Quest HQ.

6. Photography

  1. The club will use photography and videography to record members. This may be used for advertising on social media or to reference against as a training aid and any safeguarding.
  2. If you do not wish to be photographed or videoed you must inform the club in writing.

7. Safeguarding

  1. Any safeguarding questions or issues must be raised with our safeguarding officer.
  2. Our Safeguarding officer is Pru Thompson-Graves and can be contacted by email
  3. When going to seminars, events, competitions etc, please ensure that there are always 2 adults in a car with transporting children that are not your own.

8. Contact in sparring / injuries

  1. Martial arts by definition can not be 100% risk free. Bruises and injuries will happen at some time during training.
  2. It is essential that you report on injury straight away to the instructor.
  3. You must make aware to the instructor of any medical issues that may effect your training or any treatment you may recieve for injury.
  4. Duing sparring all protective gear must be worn.
  5. During club lessons sparring is conducted with reasonble force, not excessive.
  6. If you require sparring with minimal or no contact, special arrangements can be made, however zero / no contact can not be guaranteed due to the nature of Martial Arts.

9. Moving Location

  1. If the club has to relocate to another venue and you can not get there, you can cancel your monthly membership fee’s. Moving venues is not undertaklen lightly and will be a last resort in most cases.

10. classes STOPPING

  1. If a class has to stop being offered, this will be because the class is no longer financially viable. The club can not afford to run at a loss at any class. You will be offered another suitable class, however if this does not suit you can always cancel your direct debit and leave the club, no hard feelings. These are last resort options and not undertaken lightly.

11. QUEST Membership

  1. Your Quest membership includes insurance provided by Insure4Sport.
  2. Quest Membership is only valid at the club you have joined. It is not transferable and no refunds are given if you leave the club.
  3. You have the further option to obtain British Taekwono membership at a further cost and this is transferable to any other British Taekwondo Club.

12. The dojang

  1. Parking at the Dojang is at your own risk.
  2. Collecting of children must be on time.
  3. No outdoor shoes on the mats !! (Hygiene reasons and keeping the mats in good conditions)
  4. All drinks must have sports caps, as in non spill bottles.

13. Damage

  1. All accidental damage will have to be paid for.
  2. Any malicous damage will have to be paid for, it will be reported to the Police and your membership will be terminated. No refunds.

14. Bullying or poor conduCT

  1. Any member found bullying or conducting themselves in a mannor not deemed acceptable will have their membership terminated with no refunds.
  2. Any parent or guardian that does not conduct themselves in an appropriate mannor will be banned from the club, the child can still train, however the parent or guardian will not be permitted inside the Dojang, will not be able to watch/ attend seminars or competitions. Examples of poor conduct can be shouting, interfering with coaches, distracting your child. If you wish we can provide a parents code of conduct.