Frequently asked questions

What age is it suitable for?

Age 6 onwards

How much does it cost?

Monthly fee’s start from only £30per month

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, joining Quest includes membership to the National Governing Body, British Taekwondo as well. The price is £40 for 2021

What if I miss a lesson?

It is important not to miss lessons, but dont worry we will ensure you will not fall behind.

Should I train more than once a week?

In an ideal world, yes. Progress will be slower training only once a week compared to training twice or more a week. But once a week is better than sat at home!

What should I wear on my first lesson?

Something comfortable, like track suit bottoms/leggings and a T-Shirt

I have trained in other martial arts, can I keep my belt?

Sometimes you can grade to the same equivalent belt if the style is similar. (Only coloured belts)

What will be my first lesson like?

Fun, some physical exercise, stretching, kicking pads, punching, etc but everything at your own pace.

Is fighting/sparring full contact?

Not if you don’t want it to be. Everything is at your own pace and matched to your ability. Nobody wants to go home with bruises!

Do I need special equipment?

Eventually yes, practicing sparring and certain things require protective pads for your own safety and others. Would you play a football match without football boots and shin pads?

I have a disability, can I still do Taekwondo?

Yes, Taekwondo is an inclusive sport and Martial Art. Speak to the instructor to see how we can help.

Is the payment only by Direct Debit per month?

Yes, imagine every class trying to take cash off a class of 20+ people. It’s too time consuming and makes running a club more difficult than it should be.

I am going on holiday, what about my monthly payments?

Your membership is based upon a 12 month membership, like a gym, but split into 12 easy payments. The monthly fee is based on training 48 weeks out of the year. If the real question was “I am going on holiday, can I stop my payments?” we wont stop you, however your monthly fees help support the club.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, just simply cancel your Direct Debit. But please be courteous and let us know if you stop training. Taekwondo and martial arts is hard work and does not suit everybody!

Any further questions, please contact us for assistance

Email: hello@questtaekwondo.club – Mobile: 07904602049