Q. What age is it suitable for?

A. Age approx 4 onwards. Some kids at age 4 are fine, some may need a little longer time before they can join.

Q. How do monthly payments work?

A. Your payments are based upon 12 months membership, with lessons being provided 48 weeks of the year and averaged out into 12 monthly payments. (in normal pre covid conditions)

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Click here to find out all current prices.


Q. Am I insured?

A. Yes, when you join Quest you are also amember of British Taekwondo and covered with Member to Member Insurance.

Q. What should I wear / bring on my first lesson?

A. Something comfortable, like track suit bottoms/leggings and a T-Shirt. A non fizzy drink if you need to rehydrate 

Q. What will be my first lesson like?

A. Fun, some physical exercise, stretching, kicking pads, punching, etc but everything at your own pace.

Q. Is fighting/sparring full contact?

A. Not if you don’t want it to be. Everything is at your own pace and matched to your ability. Nobody wants to go home with bruises!

Q. Do I need special equipment?

A. Eventually yes, practicing sparring and certain things require protective pads for your own safety and others. Would you play a football match without football boots and shin pads?

Q. Is the payment only by Direct Debit or can I pay as you train?

A. We only do Direct debits, its too time consuming taking cash. Also we only have limited places, so a place is reserved for you when you pay monthly. 

Q. Can I cancel at anytime?

A. Yes, just simply cancel your Direct Debit.  But please be courteous and let us know if you stop training. Taekwondo and martial arts is hard work and does not suit everybody!

Q. I am going on holiday, can I stop my monthly payment?

A. Of course you can, just let us know that you are cancelling your Direct Debit. You will loose your place however, so rejoining in the same class may not be always be possible. It is always better to ask first!

Any further questions, please contact us for assistance

Email: – Mobile: 07904602049