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Return to training

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Its nearly time! 12th April first lesson.

Next week see’s the return to training. Please make sure everying is in place.

Check List:

  1. Membership is valid (visit to check your status)
  2. Your Direct Debit is in place (visit to check your status)
  3. Your uniform (Dobok) fits, if not tracksuit bottoms/leggings and T-shirt ( you can order a new Dobok from the shop if required)
  4. Toe and finger nails are cut short
  5. Bring a face mask
  6. Remember to queue with social distance outside and wait to be called in
  7. Bring a drink

If you have any questions on returning to training, please call Simon on 07904602049.

Any Retford students, must contact Simon to arrange a return to training as a lot of things have changed. (Class times, Instructor, Organisation, Membership and Insurance)

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