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Price structure for January 2023 onwards

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Price structure for January 2023 onwards. This is a 2 month notice period for every member.

With prices going up all time, namely electric, it is time to look at our price structure.

When people join, they pay a joining fee that includes Membership and Insurance, this then needs renewing every 12 months.

The new Payment plans will now include the insurance renewal in your monthly payment. This will remove the need to pay £40 at the start of following year.

JUNIORS age 5-7

The people who only train once a week will hardly notice a difference. £1.50 extra per month, however you will save £40 as you will not need to pay insurance after 1 year.

LITE Membership £29 once a week

STANDARD Membership £49 up to three times a week

CADETS age 8-12, Elite 13-16, Adults 16+

LITE Membership £34 once a week

STANDARD Membership £54 up to four times a week


Grading up to Yellow Belt Green Stripe (7th Kup) are included as they are conducted within normal lesson times. However Green Belt (6th Kup) and beyond are not included in the STANDARD monthly fee’s and conducted on a seperate day (mostly on Saturday Mornings). You can pay slighly more each month if you wish these to be included, £5 a month suppliment. 6th Kup to 1st Kuip grades are £20 which includes Certificate and Belt.

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