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March 5th 2023 Grading 9:30am

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Sunday 5th March is our first Grading of the year.

9:30AM Cadets

11:30 PM Elite & Adults

Please note all Junior classes grade within their lessons, this date does not apply to Junior classes

Forms will be handed out to all students that are ready to grade.

You need to be in full uniform, no socks are allowed of any type.

If you do not receive a Grading Form, that simply means you are not ready at this moment in time.

Every students journey is different, often people who train more than once a week will grade more often. Do not ever compare yourself to others, compare yourself to who you were last month, Parents never compare your child with other children, everones time to shine is different.

You can discuss with Simon what you need to be ready to grade.

In summary students will need to know and perform their techiques and the required Poomsae for their grade.

Black Belt Number 8

Black Stripe Number 7

Red Belt Number 6

Red Stripe Number 5

Blue Belt Number 4

Blue Stripe Number 3

Green Belt Number 2

Green Stripe Number 1

Yellow Belts need 8 step move