Kids Taekwondo Lessons

Kids Taekwondo Classes are suited from ages 6-13.

Give you children a confidence boost!

Taekwondo classes are based upon a mix of sport Taekwondo and Traditional Martial Arts.

Sport Taekwondo is all about fitness, kicking skills, sparing and being part of Team Quest. All kids learn to spar and look after themselves. There are penty of Competitions to test their courage and skill.

Traditional Taekwondo is all about the traditional side of Martial Arts, ettiquete, self control, discipline etc. They learn self defence skills, technical skills and gain confidence.

With Taekwondo Martial Art Classes in Lincoln, Worksop and Retford there are plenty to choose from. All children can have 2 free lessons to see if they enjoy it. Please visit our free trial page to book