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Fight Team

Quest Lincoln fight team are having trials to find the next Olympian !

If any member wishes to join the fight team they will need to meet the following criteria.

1. Train twice a week normally
2. Train on a Tuesday 6-8pm once a month (new dedicated fight team class)
3. Train once a month at Quest HQ Saturday 10-1pm (Penistone nr. Sheffield)
4. At least Green Belt
5. Have the full support and backing of their parents
6. Have all the correct equipment (pads etc)
6. Pass the selection process

Being part of the fight team requires dedication and determination. It will mean traveling to competitions usually 6-7 times per year minimum. It is quite costly to compete at a high level, most competitions are £50 to enter. It will cost £12 a month extra on your normal payment. This covers extra lessons and coaching fee’s for competition.

However this is the pathway to have the chance to learn at a higher level and potentially go all the way to the top.

The selection process is simply a 2 hour session on Tuesday 16th July, where stamina, flexibility, strength and determination is assessed. We are not necessarily looking for natural talent, rather more someone who is keen, coachable, willing to learn and work hard.

If you want to try out for the team, please book a place via the website.