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Covid-19 update

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Covid-19 and recommencement of club

Dear Students and Parents,

I all hope you have been fit and healthy during these uncertain times. When training starts again it will not be the same for quite some time.

We need to prepare for change so we can stay safe when training starts up. Although no exact date is being issued by the government, the earliest indication we could hope for is July.

To few people who have kept paying, what has happened to your money?

When the club restarts:

We have invested 2 sets of Kick.Ai electronic training kits (£400.00 worth)

We have replaced and bought new kick paddles and kick pads (£560 worth)

I thank everyone who managed to keep supporting the club during in these difficult times, I know its been very hard. We have used the money to invest in new equipment for everyone to use.

There will be a new time table and class structure for some when we start.

Lincoln Classes.
Monday Junior Kids 6pm-7pm
Monday Senior Kids 7pm-8pm
Monday Adults 8pm-pm

Wednesday Junior Kids 6pm-7pm
Wednesday Senior Kids 8pm-9pm
Wednesday Adults 8pm-9pm

The BIG CHANGE is the amount of people who will be allowed in each class. Only 10 people in Lincoln will be allowed in each class. If you are an existing paying member, your place is already secure. Anyone who left the club will have to reapply for a space in July (all being well etc). Applying for a space will be open end of June.

All parents who normally stay and watch will no longer be allowed. People will need to wait and queue up, with social distancing, outside. Only when the previous class has left, will the next class be allowed to come in. There will be no sparring until government guidelines change.

The classes will be harder (more like when I trained as a kid) and the focus will be more on the Martial Arts aspect of Taekwondo, rather than the competition aspect.

With kids classes now being split into Junior and Senior, some of the older kids who moved up into the Adult class will move back down in the senior kids. The split of Junior and Senior group will be a decision made by myself. When I choose who is in each group, it will be on ability, grade, but most important EFFORT. The senior kids class will be a challenge to gain entrance and a challenge to keep your place. With numbers being limited the senior class will be very hard work!

A note to all parents of kids. When a child does not want to do homework for school, you have a duty to encourage and make sure they do it. The new style of Taekwondo classes will be harder (no harder than what I did in the 1980’s !) and it is your decision what you child does, don’t let them quit because it’s hard. That only teaches them to quit in life when the going gets tough. They will need extra encouragement and motivation. Imagine teaching a child to swim who does not want to swim, you know it’s a life skill they need, so you make them learn to swim. Martial Arts is a life skill and a way of life. It’s so easy for kids to quit, but only if we let them.

Please keep an eye out on social media and our website for information.

As always you can phone me at any time, even if it is just a social catch up.


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