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Club temporary closure

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Information about the closure and peoples direct debits. If you cancel your Direct Debit, please have the courtesy to inform us. Its not a problem and if you no longer wish to support the club during these difficult times, we get it. Its difficult times for everyone including me.

When it settles back down and we are able to reopen, you will need to sign up again. We can not restart your Direct Debit.

Some people who signed up last year or the year before, have enjoyed their prices not going up.

When we swapped on to Direct Debit, once a week training was £20 per month this was over 4 years ago. As time went on, prices changed to reflect current costs and wages etc.

2020 price is £28 per month and other subscriptions are pro-rata more expensive than 4 years ago.

During the close down, I have assessed all the equipment, paddles, bags, kick tower etc and retired some equipment that was not up to safety standards or poor condition.

This has left the club needing to replace items when we start back up again.

So once again, before you cancel that Direct Debit, make sure you don’t loose out on increased prices.

Some people have turned to online training lessons, having looked at it I don’t think that is a short term viable solution. Maybe something for the future when we get another Pandemic.

My phone is always on if you need a chat.

Please fill our Facebook pages with positive posts and videos of your home training.

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