April 12th Return to tAEKWONDO TRAINING

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Here is the latest news and its good news!

From 12th April at the earliest (government will announce exact date)

Indoor Training permitted

Children (U18’s)

  • All forms of Taekwondo training, Pad work & Sparring permitted
  • Adult coaches socially distanced from children at all times (except for pad holding)
  • Adult coaches holding equipment must wear Mask & Gloves
  • Children’s group sizes (bubbles) restricted to 15*  (*Multiple groups of 15 children permitted in same venue, as long as they are socially distanced from other groups of children and adult pairs)


  • Pad work permitted only (No sparring of any kind)
  • Adult pairs working permitted for hand-held equipment use only  (Any two adults from a different household must pair initially and remain paired at every session throughout phase 1– no switching of partners permitted in sessions or between sessions)
  • All adult pairs must be socially distanced from all other adult pairs or groups of children
  • All equipment holders must wear mask and latex gloves each time they hold
  • All equipment must be cleaned between users each time
  • Coaches holding equipment can move between adults as long as equipment is cleaned between each user and coach wearing mask & gloves at all times.

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