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How much does it cost to join Quest ?

Finding prices should be easy, and completely transparent.

Joining Quest costs just £39 for kids, £44 for adults, this gets you your membership, insurance and a quality embroidered uniform.

When your 2 weeks free lessons have expired, you simply choose a package below to suit the amount of lessons each week you wish to attend.

Prices start from £26.50 per month and gets as low as £3.25 per session if you train more often.

There are NO CONTRACTS, so if Martial Arts does not work out for you, you can leave at any time.

Payments are taken via Direct Debit 3-5 days after you join. You pay for the month upfront.

Free uniform

Monthly Membership prices and Direct Debit set up

Junior classes are Kids aged 5-7

Cadets classes are Kids aged 7-12

Elite classes are Kids aged 12-16 (or kids age 10+ Green Belt onwards)

Adult Classes are 16 plus